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7th AAIF: This must attend 7th AFRICAN AMBASSADORS AND DIASPORA INTERACTIVE FORUM returns with the aim of promoting and encouraging engagement between African Ambassadors and African diasporas through collaborative approaches Click here to read more


INGO aims to build a vibrant, proactive civil society to help deepening of democratic governance, human rights, peace advocacy, poverty reduction, pro-poor and pro-job activities that will lead to the attainment of the MDGs through advocacy, promotion of dialogue, capacity building and exploring frame works for mutual cooperation and collaboration to realize set goals. Part of INGOs’ objectives is to introduce, support and run initiatives that focus on the issues highlighted above.

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The concept of the Organization came in 2004 following a conference held by its associate organization in UK at the London Hilton Docklands on the theme: The African Third Sector, Partnerships and Overseas Cooperation which provided a platform for African Civil Society Organizations in the Continent and Diaspora to interface with their counterparts to learn current trends, build networks and partnerships. One of the organizations directors was appointed to establish an NGO in Nigeria with similar thematic focus. This led to the initiation of an advocacy and engagement platform that will serve as a public policy forum domain to address the issues of African Developments which challenges all countries in the continent.
INGO lunched the African Ambassadors Interactive Forum (AAIF) at the Shehu Musa Yar’dua Center Abuja to provide institutional platform, to stimulate growth in the African Economies and to encourage African embassies to act as effective trade and economic gateways with the then President of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR represented by Prof. Jerry Gana launching the forum.
The debt burden was unsustainable and an impediment to African Development hence, the organization responded by leading Advocacy campaigns within Nigeria and outside in support of dept amnesty for poor countries in Africa with successful collection of signatures flagged off at the ECOWAS Heads of State Summit in Accra 17th – 19th January in support of the dept relief campaign. INGO participated in several seminars and workshops part of which was the validation meeting for the setting up of the West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF).
INGO used the platform of the 2nd edition of the AAIF on the Theme: African Dept Burden to engage the African and G8 Ambassadors on the issues which lent support to dept cancellation by some G8 countries.
Participated in the validation committee that drafted the ECOWAS Code of Conduct for election observation amongst other election related seminars.
INGO held the 3rd edition of the AAIF at the Abuja Sheraton on the theme" Gains of Debt relief & prospects for African Integration and Development" in collaboration with the African Business Roundtable, Ministry of Cooperation and Integration in Africa and African Independent Television, (AIT) with endorsements from ECOWAS, and the Africa Diplomatic Group.
Participated in ECOWAS sponsored election mission and Financing for Development Conference held in May in Abuja.
Participated in ECOWAS sponsored election observation mission to the Republic of Mali in line with the existing ECOWAS protocol on democracy and good governance.
INGO held the 4th AAIF for the first time outside Africa on the theme" African ambassadors and the Diaspora as economic gateways" with identified core issues for discussions during the forum such as;
a). Role of African Diaspora in the economic and social development of Africa b). Role of African financial Institutions in development of social and economic infrastructure in Africa and sanitizing the sector to attract the Diaspora and foreign investors.
Networking for change- African ambassadors and the Diaspora
c). Reaching the poor in Africa- the role of all concerned
d). Promoting awareness of Partnerships in international development and investment opportunities in Africa. 
e). Coordinating the role of African Missions to serve as effective economic gateways and Utilizing resources of the Diaspora expatriate community.

INGO participated in the Election Monitoring and Observation in Ghana and Guinea Bissau. INGO also held a Democracy/Good Governance Programme for Members of Katsina State House of Assembly.
INGO participated in ECOWAS sponsored election observation missions to Guinea Bissau in June and July and Presidential re-run elections in Ghana. Participated also in the Nigerian Governorship re-run elections in Kogi and Adamawa States in collaboration with African Strategic and Peace Research Group (AFSTRAG) in addition to Institutional training on conflict prevention and peace advocacy.
INGO facilitated capacity building for the Local Government Chairmen in Abia State. INGO also participated in the Election Observation mission to the Republic of Sierra Leone.
INGO participated at the election observation course held at the Kofi Anna International Peacekeeping Center in collaboration with Center for International Peace Operations in Accra Ghana between 25th Jan – 3rd Feb. 2010 under the sponsorship of the German Government. INGO participated as an INEC Accredited Observer to the Anambra State Gubernatorial Election on the 6th of February and the FCT Area Council Elections on the 11th of April. INGO participated at the ECOWAS sponsored election observation missions to the Republic of Togo and Guinea Conakry. INGO participated at the UK General elections as an Accredited Observer through its International visitors programme coordinated by ERIS. INGO also participated in the INEC National Conference for Stakeholders in the electoral process.




  • United Nations office for partnerships
  • Commonwealth Business Council
  • Christian Aid
  • Glasgow Chamber of Commerce
  • Scottish Council for development and industry
  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)