Africa Town UK

Africa Town UK Concept
We are promoting an integrated initiative to be ideally located in central London Area.

The project will be a landmark from equality and diversity point of view for the black and ethnic minority community and the African ethnic minority in particular which is the fastest growing ethnic group in London. Furthermore, in the climate of Brexit, immense growth opportunities will be available to the UK economy interfacing with African emerging economies. This can be achieved through a one stop shop venue named - African Town, which will serve as a vibrant and facilitating hub for Business, Lobby and cultural exchange platforms.
This Flagship Project
This flagship project will position the BME businesses and African countries to connect to the global arena and will host a venue for a multi-purpose platform - with shops, restaurants, events centre, student accommodation, art and cultural centres, African craft, Hotel and tourist accommodation and all infrastructure for a modern standard of living.

It will be an endorsement to the rich cultural root and heritage of Africa and its Diaspora just like China town.
We invite participation in this project as there is mutually beneficial reward in terms of return on investment.